Terms of Use for Natural Products Association GMP Certification Mark and GMP Certification Award

An NPA member supplier whose facility has been audited by an NPA-Certified Auditor, achieves an "A" compliance rating, and subsequently applies for and is awarded NPA GMP Certification, shall have the right to utilize the NPA GMP Certification Mark (GMP Mark) under the following terms and conditions:

  1. For the purposes of the NPA GMP Certification Program, the term "supplier" shall be defined as: Any company that designs, manufacturers, fabricates, assembles, or processes a dietary supplement product or raw ingredient. This includes contract manufacturers, specification developers, repackers, relabelers and private label distributors of dietary supplement products.
  2. The GMP Mark is a symbol certifying that NPA's GMP standards, which are designed to assure dietary supplement product integrity and quality, have been satisfied at the pertinent facility (or facilities). The GMP Mark may be used in advertising and promotional materials for dietary supplement products that have been manufactured, packaged, labeled and distributed by a facility (or facilities) certified under NPA's GMP Certification Program. Upon certification, member suppliers shall provide NPA with a current list of dietary ingredients and products produced at certified facilities. This list shall be kept current by the member supplier; at a minimum updating the list annually when renewing certification for the second year of the certification term. The GMP Mark may be utilized only in conjunction with advertising and promotional materials for dietary supplement ingredients and products listed with NPA.
  3. The GMP Mark may not be used in any advertising or promotional materials for a dietary supplement product manufactured in a facility that has not been certified under the NPA GMP Program.
  4. A private label dietary supplement distributor can use the GMP Mark on the advertising or marketing materials relating to a product it distributes under its own name or brand, but only when both that distributor and the manufacturer of the product have been certified under Natural Products Association's GMP program.
  5. Upon receipt of the Natural Products Association GMP Certification award document, the Natural Products Association member supplier will be entitled to use the GMP Mark under the conditions listed above. The member supplier is only authorized to use the GMP Mark in the form depicted in the GMP Mark Usage Guidelines. The GMP Mark must be used in full color or in gray scale as shown in the GMP Mark Usage Guideline (Attachment 1).
  6. The GMP Mark must have NPA's website, www.NPAinfo.org, listed immediately below the mark in an appropriate font size relative to the width of the mark or a font size no smaller than one-sixteenth of an inch.
  7. The size of the GMP Mark in advertising or promotional materials must make all features of the GMP Mark clearly distinguishable, but may not exceed 20 percent of the area on which it is used. The GMP Mark must be reproduced in its entirety. The GMP Mark may only be used once on each item of material.
  8. NPA will provide "camera ready" or digital copies of the GMP Mark upon request.
  9. All exceptions to the above-specified terms of use for the GMP Mark must have NPA's prior written consent.
  10. Institutional advertising, namely those that promote a company or a company's line of products (rather than a specific product), may contain the GMP Mark with the NPA website (see 8), so long as the institutional advertisements are truthful and not misleading when referencing the NPA GMP Certification. Certified member suppliers who run institutional advertisements with the GMP Mark are requested to send a copy of each such advertisement to NPA after publication.
  11. Advertising and marketing materials utilizing the GMP Mark or referencing NPA GMP Certification must not claim or infer product certification.
  12. The member supplier may photocopy its current NPA GMP Certification award document for publicity purposes and as evidence of certification. In the case of color photocopies, the words "reproduced from original" shall be readily visible on the photocopy.
  13. The NPA member supplier may not license or assign the right to use the GMP Mark to any other person or entity, without prior written authorization from NPA.
  14. Breach of one or more of the above terms of use will result in a caution letter from NPA. Repeated breach will result in revocation of the member supplier's right to use the GMP Mark for the remainder of the member's term of certification.
  15. The NPA member supplier can use the GMP Mark as provided in these Terms of Use for a period of two years from the date of the NPA GMP Certification award document, provided that:
    1. The member supplier is an NPA member in good standing (has paid dues and fulfilled other membership requirements);
    2. The member supplier makes timely payment of the annual renewal fee in the NPA GMP Certification Program (for which the member supplier will be separately billed);
    3. The member supplier submits an annual company report in its specified format with the annual renewal fee for the second year of the certification term;
    4. The member supplier undergoes a targeted third-party audit within six months of significant revisions to facilities, production of new dosage forms, or opening and/or moving to new facilities; and
    5. No verifiable information comes to NPA's attention that the facility where products advertised or promoted under the GMP Mark were manufactured has fallen out of essential compliance with NPA's GMP standards.
  16. Only companies that manufacture, package, label, warehouse or distribute dietary supplements and are NPA GMP Certified may reference the NPA GMP Certification Program, or compliance with NPA GMP standards, in any and all of their institutional and/or product advertising and marketing materials. NPA GMP Certified companies are required to prohibit companies that they manufacture, package, label, and warehouse or distribute for from referencing the NPA GMP Certification Program in any and all of their advertising unless the company is also GMP certified through NPA or unless the company also references the name of the GMP-certified company.

Revised August 31, 2005; Effective Immediately
Revised January 15, 2007; Effective Immediately
Revised July 19, 2007; Effective January 1, 2007