TruLabel® Program

The TruLabel Program is a dietary supplement label registration and random-testing program adopted by NPA in 1990 and made a requirement for supplier membership in 1995. This internal oversight program was designed to create a high level of confidence with retailers and consumers that products sold in the marketplace are accurately labeled; establish an ongoing self-regulatory process within the industry; demonstrate industry maturity to legislators; and provide a comprehensive industry product database.

The TruLabel program is a valuable resource to NPA as we use information from the database to defend the industry when elected officials and regulatory agencies have questions and/or make incorrect statements about products. The random testing has been beneficial to the industry also as the test results have been used to backup concerns about products or ingredients in the marketplace.

TruLabel Random Testing
TruLabel consists of a computerized database containing information from the label contents of dietary supplement products. Products are periodically selected for laboratory analysis to confirm the label; in other words, to verify that what is on the label is what is in the product. Selection for random testing may occur through several mechanisms including:

  • Selection of categories (such as vitamin C single ingredient) identified by ComPLI.
  • Selection of best sellers, random selection of products.
  • Selection based on complaints.

Sample Collection for Random Testing
Products selected for testing are purchased from retail stores and/or distributors. Samples are encoded and submitted in unidentified form for analysis.

Third-party Laboratory
The commercial laboratories used for TruLabel testing are selected based on their integrity, experience and reputation for the particular analysis required.

TruLabel FAQ

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