Welcome to NPA's GMP Notes about good manufacturing practices (GMPs) for dietary supplements and related issues. The GMP Notes were compiled by the team of NPA GMP advisors and auditors and association staff, and the information provided is based on their collective expertise and experience. However, the opinions expressed below may not absolutely reflect the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) perspective and do not take the place of the laws or regulations enforced by the FDA.

NPA's GMP program, the first large-scale effort of its kind in the supplement industry, was launched in January 1999. Since that time, NPA, working with its advisors and auditors, is responsible for certifying more than 60 companies and providing GMP educational programming for representatives from more than 600 dietary supplement suppliers and manufacturers.  The content of NPA's Dietary Supplement GMP Notes may relate to the final FDA GMPs or the NPA GMP standards, depending on the focus of the issue being addressed.

Issue 1: General Information

Issue 2: Standard Operating Procedures

Issue 3: Testing Requirements