NPA Quality Assurance Programs

The Science and Regulatory Affairs Department at NPA oversees the TruLabel® program and is charged with implementing education and certification programs—third-party certified good manufacturing practices (GMPs) for all supply members.

As NPA's principal voice on issues of research, technology and quality in the health foods industry, the Science and Regulatory Affairs Department also serves as an information resource on scientific issues.

NPA Provides Comprehensive GMP Certification Program for Dietary Supplements

NPA provides the most comprehensive GMP certification program for the dietary supplement industry.

NPA GMP Certification

Benefits of the program include the ability to:

  • Gain marketing advantage by demonstrating the quality of products
  • Assure consumer safety by using expert contaminant testing
  • Confirm regulatory acceptance by verifying manufacturing consistency and accuracy
  • Verify the identity and quantity of dietary ingredients on product labels
  • Ensure the product does not contain undeclared ingredients
  • Demonstrate conformance to industry's GMPs for dietary supplements

Other Programs

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Educational Resources

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