Building Consumer Confidence

Create customers for life with this helpful webinar on May 28!


Every good relationship is built on trust. But trust doesn’t
happen overnight; it must be earned—and then maintained.
How do you grow and keep trust with your existing customers
in today’s competitive market? And how do you establish trust
with new and potential customers who, due to misinformation
or unfamiliarity with the natural products industry, might be
skeptical of buying from you?

Join NPA for our new webinar and learn how to build trust
in your relationships with customers now and in the future.
Our featured speakers, Abraham and Gabe Nabors, share their
philosophy and tips for establishing a thriving natural retail store
with loyal customers, explaining:

  • The importance of communicating your core values,
  • Providing impeccable customer service,
  • Educating your staff
  • Enticing customers using promotions
  • And, most importantly of all, “walking your talk.”

You’ll also learn how to stay ahead of trends, engage with the
community, host food tastings, generate customer feedback,
and more.  

Register today and see why trust is a must 
to keep your
consumers, and your business,
healthy and happy!

Building Consumer Confidence

Wednesday, May 28 – 1 hour webinar
2 p.m. Eastern / 11 a.m. Pacific

Cost: Free for NPA members; $49 for nonmembers

Featured Speakers:

Abraham and Gabe Nabors
Owners, Mustard Seed Market & Cafe (Ohio)


Heather Wainer
Publisher, WholeFoods Magazine